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Creating the stage design for L'OMBRA (Ugo Bottachiari, 1898), chamber opera directed by Luc Birraux and produced by the Cie OPERATIC. After being postponed due to COVID-19 in 2020, the piece was played in March 2022 at Le Reflet (Vevey, CH) and Bicubic (Romont, CH).

Luc Birraux (direction), Antoine Rebstein (conductor), Michael Comte (assistance staging), Léa Mercurol (assistance choreography), Emmanuel Michaud (stage design), Valentine Michaud (costumes), Sabrina Pierre (text), Alain Maratrat (voice-over), Cécile Houillon (soprano), Louis Zaitoun (tenor), Fiona Fauchois, Iris Keller, Claire Naessens, Élise Gueroult (choir), Margarita Sánchez, Florence Dozole, Emmanuelle Annoni (pantomime), Camera Ataremac (orchestra), Kevin Juillerat (orchestration), Dinko Baseric (lights).

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