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The Zurich-based collective PHON3M is born of the encounter of Kara Leva (vocals), Stefan Kägi (piano) and Emmanuel Michaud (transdisciplinary artist). With BLEACHED PATHS as a first project (see below), they aim at questioning, expanding and renewing the concert format. Exploring their own artistic practices through a transversal approach, they open a playful dialogue between contemporary music and visual arts. 


BLEACHED PATHS will be played on the 24th, 25th and 26th of April in HUMBUG (Basel). The performance is played twice over the course of each evening: 18:00-19:30 and 19:30-21:00. Visitors can enter and leave the installation anytime between 18:00 and 21:00. Prices (cash or twint, no reservation): CHF 10 (student) 20 (normal) 30 (soli).

BLEACHED PATHS plakat A3 V1.jpg

"The snow goes up my face 
I snort it up and start to sing against the World 
Now I'm a God in a godless world"

A travel through the different planes of existence, mirrored from the point of view of the individual and anchored in the collective destiny: the certainty of death as a constant companion and the approach to death with every step, every beat that passes.

In this journey, the Buddhist notion of reincarnation meets the contemporary realities of industrial meat production; animal and human actors explore together the unknown landscapes of the afterlife. From the snow of the Tibetan mountains to the cold rooms of slaughterhouses, butchers, pigs, priests and gods meet on an icy road: BLEACHED PATHS is an experimental "reincarnation" of "The Cold Trip" (B. Lang, 2015), which in turn is recycled from the "Winterreise" (F. Schubert, 1827).  

Installations, performances, videos and live music (piano/vocals) invite the visitor to step into the mysterious space between life and death.


Concept/Vocals: Kara Leva

Concept/Piano: Stefan Kägi

Concept/Staging: Emmanuel Michaud

Stage Design: Isabelle Simmen

Photos by Isabelle Simmen from the representations in Baby Angel (Zurich).

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